Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sometimes A Faceplant is Just a Faceplant.

I've been on an upswing the last few days in spite of some weirdness and the continued lack of rain. Journeying, working on projects, working on the blog...and today, dedicatedly puttering around trying to make the place look like civilized humans live here. This includes, la la la, trying out the new carpet shampooer. Which is only fun when you realize it's actually working. At any rate, I finish the latest patch of carpet, run out of water, pop out the dirty water tank, walk into the kitchen to dump it out and WHOOPS....

My mate says that for a moment or two I appeared to go into slow motion as my feet flew out from under me and I made a fair imitation of a swan dive toward the floor. Somehow I caught the tank, landed on my elbows and knees, slipped AGAIN and faceplanted. It was absolutely epic. As I blinked at linoleum, he ran in to make sure I was all right. I am all over bruises and my shoulders hurt from catching myself on my elbows, but neither the water tank nor I are broken.

I was in shock for a while. What on Earth had I done to anger the spirits and subject myself to an out of the blue humiliation and injury? Had I offended one of them somehow? Forgotten an offering? Made an ass of myself during my last journey? Worriedly I checked in with them.

"Oh yeah, you did something to cause that slip and fall," came the chortling reply....

"....You walked on linoleum with wet feet!"


Sometimes random bad or weird luck really is a sign from the spirits. But sometimes crap just happens. Before you convince yourself that a fenderbender or a bad day or a sudden severe cold has its base in an angry or testing spirit, step back. Examine the conditions leading up to your current problem. It may just be stress, or circumstances. Sometimes it is lack of attention to important real world details. Or your luck could simply be garbage that day. If your bad luck continues day after day for no apparently reason, it could well be the spirits. But otherwise, it may well just be a case of...wet feet.


  1. Well said. Look at the positive....I bet you kitchen floor hasn't been that clean in a long time! My big thing is I often forget to ask my guides to make my lessons gentle if possible. But then again, knowing me, I guess those "possible" times are few and far between.
    Glad to hear you made it through the ordeal with no major injury; and that you and your mate are making slightly less waves.

  2. Oh yeah. Today I am an aching bundle of muscle rub and painkiller, but compared to what could have happened this is a minor inconvenience. It was, however, a really good example of its type. Sometimes crap just happens, and sometimes we (I, in this case) need to watch our real-world footing.