Sunday, March 29, 2015

No Longer of the Streets?

I stopped posting in large part because I had to set aside my practice in favor of a massive material-world overhaul of my life. I am leaving the Bay Area! My partner and I decided on this about five months ago, and everything we have done up until now has been preparing for it.

We are leaving to live with his parents in a tiny town in the Catskills, in New York State. I will be surrounded by trees, there will be adequate water, the air will be clean and if I'm woken up by gunshots, it's deer season.

I'm nervous, because this actually means I need to pull together as a freelancer and learn to make cash without a clock to punch. However, both my overdeveloped work ethic and my sense of self-sufficiency will probably do me well as a freelancer, and...I will finally, FINALLY have time to write, paint, craft and practice my spirituality as integral parts of my life, instead of having only the scraps of time and energy for them that are left over after my job, commute and dealing with my terrible neighborhood.

It's a risk. But it is absolutely what I wanted, and I thank the spirits and many supportive humans for the chance to do it. The plan is to live with my partner's family while we refurbish an old school bus into an RV to live in. Eventually, we will start wandering across country. It's my desire to eventually buy a small patch of land outside a city to park the bus on and put down roots. Right now the Pacific Northwest is looking most inviting for political, climate and social reasons.

I'll be posting again on spiritual matters once the move is done and I am settled again. Meanwhile, the story of my trip can be found here:

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